USD  $2,950,000

This 42 acre private island is open for investment partnership OR complete purchase.

It is a beautiful world heritage Belize island for sale with approved development plans, which means that the Government of Belize has already approved the concept. The mantra of the group is:“The New Way of resort development is to co-mingle nature and man-made structures in ways that allow the natural environment to be the focal point of site design and guest experiences.”

If you have been looking for or thinking about investing in a project that you could enjoy the benefits of for years, OR purchasing your own private island with unparalleled quality and beauty, this is your property.

Ancillary Facilities / Eco-Village Most of the supporting Ancillary Structures will be located and arranged in an Eco- Village setting. The Lobby/Restaurant/Office complex, included in the Eco-Village, will be housed in a 10,000 ft. 2 building and will be serviced by 4 bathrooms.


A privately owned island situated along the western border of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, which is one of the protected areas within the designated UNESCO – World Heritage Site. Fisherman’s Caye is situated approximately eight (8) miles east of the village of Riversdale, being at its closest point to mainland, and 10.5 miles southeast of Sittee Point. The property is approximately 42 acres and is primarily a mangrove island surrounded by coral formations making for ideal snorkeling conditions right off the island. The island has twelve (12) ponds. Six (6) of theses ponds are landlocked; one (1) large pond and two (2) smaller have access to the sea; and a few of them are interconnected to each other. Approximately 15 acres has already been cleared and filled.

The property has been endowed with all Government approvals to develop a high end resort.

Here is a synopsis on the proposed project which of course is optional once you acquire it as you may have different wants.

Project Description Yum Balisi Limited is taking into account that Fisherman’s Caye is within the South Water Caye Marine Reserve and is part of a World Heritage Site and has proposed the development of a high-end Eco-friendly resort using an integrated and sustainable design and construction techniques to minimize the environmental impacts that invariable occurs during resort development. The development is proposed to take place in areas that had already been cleared and partially filled by previous owners while preserving and conserving the remaining mangrove and surrounding ecosystems in particular those associated with the island’s ponds. The intent is to give the resort the feeling of being “of” the land and not simply being “on” the land. This Eco-friendly resort development is proposed to cover a footprint of less than 15% of the overall landmass and will be comprised of three types of accommodations. Approvals are for a total of 35 luxury units (35 rooms/35 bathrooms) primarily on the eastern and southern sections of the island. Of these 35 units, 5 are proposed as 1,200 SF each Luxury Cottages (5 bedroom/5 bathrooms ), 14 Premium Cottages 600 SF each (14 bedroom/14 bathrooms), 10 Deluxe Duplex Cottages 550 SF each(10 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms), and 6 Eco Cottages 600 SF each (6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms) In addition to these units, there will be 3 additional duplexes 1,750 SF each (10 bedroom/ 5 bath accommodations total) for management and staff. In total the development will be catering to 70 overnight guests and 12 overnight shift staff of the 40 service personnel that will be employed by the resort. The cottages will surround the other support ancillary service structures which will be arranged and landscaped to give the feeling of an Eco-Village setting.

The Eco-Village will also include a Transient Office,(900 SF, one bathroom) the Belize Coral Reef and Natural Resource Learning Center,(3,000 SF two bathrooms) Business Center,(1,500 SF, four bathrooms) one main gift shop with three smaller covered stalls,(2,400 SF, one bathroom) a Spa -Health-Wellness Center (2,400 SF, two bathrooms) a Beach Bar (1,000 SF, two bathrooms) and a 3 research center (3,000 SF).

The resort is intended to provide facilities for universities and other training institutions to be able to use the island and its surrounding ecosystem as a living laboratory. Researchers and recognized experts in the field will be invited to provide lectures on the Eco-systems present in the Pelican Cayes. In addition, the project will have a maintenance zone which will include a 2,000 ft. 2 maintenance building, a small nursery for landscaping and an energy generation shed. The Entire area will cover 16,000 ft. 2 . The overall estimated footprint for the Eco Village, including the Lobby Restaurant Office Complex, is 21,400 square feet. Areas designated as utility areas for solid waste management, potable water storage, and for sewage and waste-water treatment have been sited based on easy access to pier, aesthetics, and wind direction. A helipad is proposed to be constructed using either prefabricated aluminum framing systems or concrete and steel. Asphalt will not be used because of its potential to contaminate the sensitive ecosystem of the area. Development on the northern section of the Caye will be limited to a research facility to be located on the north western tip of the island where the wooden house exists, one Luxury Cottage to and three ECO Lodges. Approximately 3,500 running feet by 5 feet wide of raised walkways will serve as an interpretive trail and will facilitate access to other resort facilities. In total, the building space will be approximately 54,150 square feet and a total of 3,500 length running feet of raised walkway. Floating Docks and Piers The natural physical features of the property makes Fisherman’s Caye unique in that the areas intended for the docking facility and transient docking facility are natural ponds and will not require any additional dredging.

You will not find a better private island anywhere in Belize ready for development and especially not with the entitlements and the price that this property has to offer.

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