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Our US and International lender base is made up of: mortgage companies, banks, SBA, commercial lenders, hard money lenders, individual investors, private equity firms, venture capital partners, partnerships, trusts, hedge funds, crowd funding, REITS and licensed security brokers, that are experts in their fields.  Our private equity firms have in excess of 50 billion (USD) in capital if your project meets their business model. 

Our Capital Services Group can help you with your real estate project whether it be a mortgage for single family residence, expansion funding for your hotel or resort, purchase money to purchase a resort, to funding packages for entire developments.  Based on country, there are complete financing programs for developments that provide construction financing via debt to build out your entire project.  If Equity is required to trigger financing we can assist you in obtaining equity partners.  The company is currrently processing in excess of 1 billion (USD), (Phase 1 Construction, Refinance and Acquisition Financing) for new projects in the US, Central America and the Caribbean.

Purchasing or securing financing in international markets can be complicated.  Contact our Capital Services Group for your financial solutions.   For more info:

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Funding Sources Loan Parameters:

Our funding sources provide short term loans secured by real estate.

TERM: 1 to 4 years    LOAN AMOUNT: 1M to 50M   AMORTIZATION: Interest only  

INTEREST RATES: 6% to 12%    NO PREPAYMENT PENALTY:  Prepay any time  

CLOSING TIME: 1 to 3 months depending on project and funding source

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