USD  $39,000,000

News Release Regarding New Airport !         Sept. 24 , 2015

The most significant coastal property in Central America/Ambergris Caye continues to grow as the top tourism destination in Belize and with that comes continued investment in infrastructure. Currently, the Government of Belize (GOB) is investing in Northern Ambergris Caye with the construction of 11 miles of paved road. GOB has also confirmed that once the road is complete, they will venture into a new project which will see the construction of an international airport on Ambergris Caye. The airport will serve to continue promoting the island as Belize’s top tourism destination as it will provide easier access to the international tourism market’s Caribbean coast.

Existing  Property Assets :

Over 14,000 acres of the most biologically diverse, unspoiled region.

Partially encompasses largest estuary system, the Manatee/Southern Lagoon region.

Profitable citrus & fruit orchards in operation occupying only approx. 850 ac.

High sand beaches, broad open savanna and high-canopy mountain jungle.

Sparse human population and little development in this region for many miles.

Surrounded by thousands of hectares of wild, pristine National Forest lands.

4 miles of prime untouched high-sand Caribbean Sea beach.

This beach has the highest concentration of Hawksbill Turtle nests in Caribbean.


Gated, private all-weather and paved roads lead many miles throughout the property.

Compound of secure mountaintop villas in lush, landscaped setting.

Construction, infrastructure and farming equipment on-site.

Farm buildings are in good condition.

Electricity & telephone on-site, within cellular phone coverage

On the island’s Coastal Highway (an all-weather gravel road soon to be paved).

Ample potable fresh water from several whitewater creeks on-site.

Large limestone cavern system extends more than a mile underground.

Deep-water channel just offshore - closest deep-water access on the mainland

Paved 3,000 ft. private airstrip on-site built to FAA specs.

The world’s second-largest barrier reef begins 7 miles offshore


Potential Factors for Development:


Recently a government official told us this: “It is time our country had a major resort, on par with the famous resorts in Mexico’s Yucatan. Let us know what we can do to help you make this a reality.”


This property provides the best background for this type of development in the western Caribbean. Set in one of the most breathtaking locations in the world, this magnificent property encompasses 23 square miles, 6,000 hectares. With 7 separately titled sections, various projects could be undertaken because of the large enterprise zone. An intelligent master plan can provide for diverse projects, all of which, through a thoughtful set of guidelines, can be designed with environmental and architectural integrity. With 8,000 buildable acres overlooking 3 miles of wild, untouched Caribbean beaches, this property extends into the dramatic foothills of the Mayan Mountains. It has crystal-clear whitewater creeks, extensive caverns and existing private mountain villas with panoramic vistas.

This pristine 14,000+ acre plantation on the country’s wild coast is the finest property offering with major development or resort potential anywhere on Central America’s Caribbean coast. It is comprised of 7 different titled sections. Total asking price is $39mm (USD). The property now has a valid E.I.A. and a government-approved Development Plan.


With a unified approach and long-range vision, this project will be a major economic development zone, including a world-class destination resort and other aspects, all built according to sustainable and environmentally-appropriate guidelines.


• Major Caribbean Beach-Front Resort Hotel               • Major Agricultural Potential

• Themed Gated Residential Developments                   • Dive & Sport Fishing Operations

• Mountaintop Eco-Lodges and Villas                         • Major Aquaculture Potential

• Airstrip Welcome Site Built to FAA specs                   • Major Ocean Marina

• Numerous Restaurants & Markets                             • Non-Profit Aspect Benefiting Local Education

Financials on the citrus operation available upon execution of non disclosure. 




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List Price (USD) 39,000,000
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