USD  $795,000

This commercial operation and home is presently a doctor's office, clinic, and pharmacy. BUT, it can be converted to a B&B with only a few modifications.

No matter whether you are a medical doctor wanting to slow down your pace, someone that wants to bring his expertise to a nation of caring, friendly people, or you want to make minor modifications and convert to one of the best B&Bs on the island, this opportunity to purchase a property with prominence on the island, AND ONE OF THE BEST 360 DEGREE VIEWS TO BOOT, this is your chance!


-The property sits on 2 lots back-to-back with a street on both ends.

-Total yearly property taxes are $435.00 BZ ($217.50 US).

-Average last 5 months 2011 electric cost for the complex.  $816 BZ ($408 US)

-Average last 5 months 2011 water cost for the complex, $150 BZ ( $75 US)

-There is no mortgage or lien on the property.  The property has clean title.

-Insurance for all structures and contents runs $2,560.00 BZ per year ($1,280.00 US). This includes coverage of observation deck above the house.

-There is approximately 6,400 sq. ft. under roof with approximately 4,700 sq. ft. livable space.

The main house built in 2005 has 73 cubic yards of reinforced concrete foundation footings which are tied in with existing footings. A very substantial foundation!

-There is a total of 55 windows, 14 entry doors, 8 air conditioners, and 5 bathrooms.

-Observation deck above main house built in 2010. ($12,000 US).

-Upper floor has a select local random hardwood ceiling.  This includes the  ceiling of 15 ft. x 38 ft. Veranda.

-Aluminum burglar bar grids on all windows and ground floor doors.

-There are 2 rain collection tanks (500 and 1,000 gallon).

-2 utility and storage rooms. One houses one of the largest well water pumps on the island, one has a fairly new hot water heater.

-The three ground floor toilets are supplied by both city water and well water via valve control.

-The main house has approximately $50,000 US in roll-down hurricane protection for all windows, the complete veranda, and patio.

-Roof joists were installed with hurricane hold-down clips.

-Roof is ceramic hurricane tiles (rated to 150 mph) held by 1,500 7" stainless steel lag bolts.

-Property is connected to city sewer system.  We have  cable TV, and internet.

-House is wired with category 5 digital video cable from in front of clinic for security system.

-Additions to the landscape of approximately $50,000 US in plants, trees, fountains, pond, light post, other fixtures,  walkway and driveway tiles, and 60,000 pounds of black top soil were made.

-We have a great water well system for all exterior water needs.

-The plan is to include most household furnishings, accessories, and supplies that a buyer may want to keep plus the following:  Tools and equipment, lamps, fans, washing machine, pressure washer, air compressor, electric generator, Christmas decorations, lawn and patio furniture, various pottery and ceramics, office and computer desks, office chairs, office supplies and accessories, 3 large refrigerator/freezers, 2 kitchen range/stoves, 2 propane gas tanks, large and small kitchen appliances, tools, paint and maintenance supplies, security devices, treadmill, exercise machine, portable air conditioner, bedding, linens, 2 wireless phone systems, vacuum, intercom system, yard tools and equipment, miscellaneous hardware supplies, I household ladder, I -5 ft. ladder, 1 -15 ft. ladder, 1 -24 ft. extension ladder, speakers and miscellaneous electronic devices, household safe, clocks, calculators, and other goods.

-Also to be included is a 2009 Polaris Ranger in good shape.

If you are presently a Medical Doctor I have a list of all the equipment that CAN be part of this wonderful opportunity! If you are, please let me show you how you can take advantage of this and pick up the business turn-key!

Welcome to PARADISE!



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